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Post by Moto Cecil on Sat Jun 06, 2015 1:05 am

Moto Cecil
Bushi of the Moto School

Cecil was born a rambunctious child to Moto Mirobi and Moto (formerly Hida) Hirumi in the plains of the Moto lands. Like his father before him, he traveled with his family and their village, roaming the borders of the plains, learning how to ride, and how to kill. The crab blood mixed in his veins, coupled with his Moto heritage made him bigger than the other children, and he pressed that advantage, learning to fight with his longer reach coupled with the deadly blade skills of the Scimitar. At his Gempuku (when he was twelve), his father bestowed upon him a Moto Scimitar, a great honor, and he worked tirelessly to have earned that honor. He volunteered for time on the Wall, to honor his heritage, spending three years, and considerable scars in crab lands. There he learned to use a number of weapons, including the heavy hammers common among the Hida. He then returned to the Shinomen Tower, where he has spent the last six months, returning to his roots, and beginning the process of returning to his lands, and looking to continue his life.
Moto Cecil
Moto Cecil

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