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Post by Shinjo Joan on Mon Jun 29, 2015 7:51 pm

Born to a man and woman of the Shinjo family, Shinjo Joan was orphaned at a young age when her parents were set upon by disgraceful Ronin while traveling outside the safety of Unicorn lands. Her caretakers gifted her the Gaijin name Joan after a Gainjin hero of legendary battle prowess, who led a life of purity and decimated the forces of her enemies at the head of vast armies. An only child, Joan was taken in by the militant order of the Utaku Battle Maidens, and spent the majority of her formative years learning the fighting techniques of samurai, mounted combat, and the tactics of the order while living at Shinomen Tower. She became a full-fledged member of the Utaku Battle Maidens and was gifted her Daishi as a teenager, swearing a vow to serve the order and the Unicorn clan until her death. She was also awarded her own battle steed, which she named Hariken (meaning Hurricane). She has spent the subsequent years serving as a guard in the Daimyo's court, along with receiving occasional special assignments to deliver messages or ride with other Battle Maidens to hunt down disgraceful Ronin vermin. Due to the circumstances of her childhood, Joan absolutely despises Ronin and takes particular delight (though she rarely shows it) in meting out punishment on rogue samurai, deserters, and other dishonorable members of society.

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