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Utaku Abu was born to a battle maiden who, while traveling, took a Gaijin lover. Rather than allow an innocent child to bear the responsibility for her actions, his mother did not hide Abu’s existence and was banished to a convent deep in Crane lands for the shame inflicted on the Utaku family. Abu became the ward of his maternal grandparents, who loved and cared for him while battling the feelings of shame which he represented. Larger than the majority of his peers, Abu was an inquisitive child who showed great ability in a range of physical skills from a young age but was prone to periods of introspection uncommon amongst the people of the Unicorn Clan.
When Abu reached 9 years of age, the pride that made his grandmother unable to fully reconcile the result of her daughter’s shameful tryst caused her to broker a deal with a friend in the Tamori family for Abu to attend the warrior Shugenja school far away in the mountains of the Dragon Clan. Although saddened for being sent away from the only home he had known, the initial sting of her supposed betrayal was lessened when, in their farewell conversation, she confided her belief that his destiny was to be greater than the traditional Utaku man’s role of managing a household.
Bolstered by her words and the prospect of visiting a land vastly different from any he had known, Abu excelled in his studies and completed his gempukku before the age of fourteen. After a couple more years of study (and much adventuring within the mountainous Dragon Clan holdings), his Unicorn heritage won out, and Abu petitioned his daimyo for the first of what would be a few musha shugyo. Knowing that Abu would be forever restless were he not provided the opportunity to quell his wanderlust, the daimyo granted Abu’s request with the restriction that Abu return within two years’ time to impart the knowledge obtained during his travels. About a year after his return, he petitioned for, and was granted, leave for a second time. The pattern repeated a third time, but upon his return, Abu was almost immediately sent out on a mission at the behest of his daimyo. The Tamori daimyo, knowing Abu to be both extremely capable as well as definitely the most traveled shugenja in Dragon lands, sent him south to Crane lands to research the location of an artifact rumored to have the power to protect against the rising threat of the naga and the Empire of the Moon.
Delighted by the prospect of potentially meeting his mother, of whom he has scant memories, as well as additional travel, Abu boarded a boat in Phoenix lands and sailed south. While en route, the Three Man Alliance declared war on the Empire and took control of the Crane port. Caught between being unable to dock, as well as, unable to sail away, Abu was stranded several months aboard the ship. With conditions aboard the ship beginning to deteriorate as supplies ran low and anxiety high, help arrived in the unexpected form of a Gaijin fleet of ships partially crewed by Crane soldiers, in addition to a handful of his fellow Unicorn clan…


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