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Post by Hida Yasuo on Tue Jul 14, 2015 1:49 pm

Hida Yasuo's past is a sorted one, due entirely to forces beyond his control.  His father, formerly Kuni now Hida, Jin had his life saved by Moto Chiyo, a bushi stationed at the Wall with Jin.  This action, unfortunately cost young Moto Chiyo his life.  Jin returned the body to his mother, Daimyo Moto Sachiko, and as Chiyo was her first born and heir, he promised to repay his bravery and his life.  Jin returned to the Wall, married, and has a son of his own, a healthy boy named Yasuo.  Yasuo embodied the nature of the crab, taking both his size and prowess with his weapons from his Hida mother, and his instincts from his Kuni father.  But dispite the strength of the crab blood in his veins, he was destined for another purpose.  Hida Jin, ever aware of his dept, sent his first-born to the Unicorn.  Sent to be trained with Moto Sachiko, Yasuo was to repay the dept, a firstborn for a firstborn.  He remains Hida, but through his training, and upbringing, he is Moto.

Yasuo training went well, his mastery of weapons was second nature to him.  His horsemanship, on the otherhand, left something to be desired.  But as he grew, and grow he did, he continued honing the instincts he was born with, coupling them to the training he grew into.  As he approached his gempuku, He began going on hunts into the burning sands, tracking down Gaijin, and keeping the border safe.

His Gempuku came, and he became a moto warrior.  He ws given leave to return home, and visit with his family.  He left, to celebrate with his family.  A few days into his time with his family, news of the fighting in Unicorn lands reached the Wall.  Yasuo said his goodbyes, and departed immediately to return to his adopted home, and take up the fight.
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